What Makes Champagne True French Champagne

Dec 7th 2020

There is nothing like popping the cork off a bottle of bubbly during a special occasion, but what’s in your bottle, is it real French champagne or is it a sparkling wine? Sparkling wine is made all … read more

Understanding What's on A Wine Label

Dec 7th 2020

You can learn a lot about the makeup of a good bottle of wine by learning how to decipher the “language of wine” that is written on the label. Reading these labels can sometimes be confusing since … read more

The Best Methods for Chilling Wine

Dec 7th 2020

Every wine has their own specific temperature for their aromas and flavors to be fully brought out. Wine cellars and storage vaults are generally kept anywhere between 45-60 degrees Fahrenheit, depend … read more

​Give a Unique Gift This Holiday Season

Dec 7th 2020

he reason why many holiday gifts are left unused or returned is that they tend to be too specific. We all want to show that we put genuine effort into finding the perfect representation of the bond we … read more

Commonly Asked Questions About Champagne

Dec 7th 2020

Q. Can all sparkling wine be called Champagne? A. No, only wines bottled in the Northern French region can use the term Champagne on their labels. Q. How does Champagne Become Bubbly? A. The … read more