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Dry or Sweet Wine? Selecting the Perfect Wine

Do you find yourself having a hard time selecting the perfect wine for that special occasion? Maybe you’re confused by so many wines to choose from. Do you know how to select a wine based on whether it is sweet or dry? What really is the difference between a sweet or dry wine? At Club […]

A Simple Guide to Rosé Wine

Beautiful pink rosés have become the perfect summer-time wine that wine enthusiasts around the world are choosing. They have a surprising nuance that encompasses many traditions making them one of the fastest-growing wine categories in America. Whether you’re entertaining at a back-yard BBQ or the most elegant of wedding receptions, you will not go wrong […]

The Benefits of A Wine Club Membership

Few pleasures in life are as wonderful and delicious as enjoying a truly fine bottle of wine. Perfect for a romantic dinner, for a calm evening watching the sunset from the deck, or a long-awaited meeting with a group of old friends catching up on life. A good wine is memorable, accentuates the moment, and […]

Serve and Drink Great Wines: Tips and Tricks

When it comes to wine, there are literally hundreds if not thousands of different types to choose from. Determining what wine is best suited for you can be quite difficult if you are new to this world. Luckily, the following article can serve as an excellent starting point for anyone who is serious about getting […]

Wine Tips from Those Who Know

It is hard to overstate the delight offered by just the perfect bottle of wine. Understanding the subject thoroughly is perhaps the best way to optimize your wine drinking experience and help your friends and family do the same. Read up as much as you can on wine through books and magazines. In these works, […]

Understanding the Fine Points of Good Wine

When you are drinking wine, make sure that you savor each sip that you take. Sometimes, you may be drinking a wine bottle that costs a lot of money so you will want to get your money’s worth. This will also help you to enjoy the flavors that you taste. Avoid over chilling white wines. […]

The Different Types of Wine Glasses

How Wine Glasses Affect the Taste of Wine How Can the Shape of a Wine Glass Affect Taste? Depending if you are a red or white wine lover, the wine glass you are drinking out of can affect the way your favorite wine tastes. When a person takes a sip of wine, the center of […]

Food Pairings with Red Wines

Our Guide To The Best Red Wine Pairings Ever had that perfect dish but don’t know what you should drink with it? The different flavor characteristics of red wine can make this task seem very complex and challenging. A great food and wine pairing can create that much-desired balance of flavors that will make your […]

Food Pairings with White Wines

Matching White Wine and Food can be a Challenge! If you are like most people selecting the perfect white wine to pair with your meal can feel overwhelming. We don’t blame you. There are thousands of diverse white wines and food pairings that can be created. The scale ranges from dry white wines, sweet white […]