Why Us

Tasty Reviews from Both Perspectives
In 2015, founders Tim and Jen began a food and wine review site ( as soon as their children moved off to college. The site was originally a gift to Jennifer from Tim, as a place to record their food and wine adventures from around the world. The site performed so well that they began producing their own line of wines and eventually began their own wine club that we now know of as Club Jeroboam.
Partnering With Incredible Growers
One of our missions at Club Jeroboam is to bring growers and wine lovers, from around the world, together. Our wine collection is wholly unique and made for wine lovers of all kinds. We personally scour the globe in search of exclusive wines from small, family growers that have generations of experience. We carefully curate favorites from our suppliers and we proudly produce a selection of bottles under our very own label.
More than a Club, Your Personal Winery.
Our members are like family, and a huge part of being a member of Club Jeroboam is the experience and the wine journey. We wanted to share our experience of owning our own winery with our members, by including wines from many makers, not just ours and our growers. So, many boxes include wines from other wineries and commonly known wines as well. And like us, when our members travel to a winery, we get them special access to VIP wine tours and tastings whether in Napa, Texas or France. We want every member to feel like they have their own personal winery.
What even is a Jeroboam?
Many people know that magnums are large bottles of wine or champagne that hold twice the amount of an ordinary bottle (750 ml), but very few people have heard of a Jeroboam. Jeroboam refers to a 3 liter bottle of wine or champagne that can hold up to 4 times the amount of an ordinary bottle. In fact, the term “Jeroboam”, comes from royalty! King Jeroboam, an Israelite Monarch, was the inspiration for this bottle name, for he was mighty and exemplified great valor. This naming convention set the tone for larger bottles to come and those bottles paired well with even more extravagant names. For example, Methuselah is a bottle that holds 8 liters of wine, and Balthazar can hold a massive 12 liters. So next time you are trying to impress your dinner guests, place a Jeroboam bottle on the table and you will surely be treated like royalty! (just don’t go overboard like Balthazar did)

All of our membership levels offer a great way to experience new wines, from around the world, on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. We have a plan for everyone and we match your monthly bottles to your customized taste profile.
Private Tastings
Not only do we offer wines and memberships at an exceptional price, but we also host private tastings at our wine warehouse in Rockwall, TX. Plan your next event with us and taste from our selection of incredible wines and champagnes, while learning about the history and story behind each bottle.
Our Wine
Our “He Wines She Dines” labeled wine is all produced in house with 100% California grapes. We offer these wines by the bottle and give a storewide discount to all of our members! We also sell a large variety of wines, sourced from around the world, that you can mix and match when you place your next wine order.
Gifts & Bundles
We have a new gift package for every season, holiday and celebration for you to enjoy! These packages are always bundled to create a discounted rate on all of the bottles in the package. Either send them as a gift, with a personal note, or stock up on incredible wines for you to enjoy at home!