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Hand picked wine from our carefully curated collection to perfectly match your flavor preferences, many of which have been exclusively procured from our partnered winemakers in Champagne, France.

Champagne Wine Region


The Champagne region is located in the northeast of France and is best known for its production of champagne. The wine region has had a significant role in the development of high-quality wine production since the early middle ages and, it is still able to continue with its great reputation.  


Authentic French champagne is only made from grapes grown, fermented, and bottled in the growing regions of Champagne, France. The principal grapes grown in this region are Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier. Chardonnay is dominant in the Côte des Blanc region while, Pinot Meunier is produced mainly in the Vallée de la Marne région. Pinot Noir is most known to be in the Montage de Reims. Our grower, Guy de Chassey, is located near the foot of the Montagne de Reims in the village of Louvois. 

From Generation to Generation

Our partners come from a long line of skilled growers who have been producing wine and champagne for several generations. We recognize that creating high-quality wine requires years of dedication and knowledge. All of these small-batch growers have been manufacturing the champagne for almost a century using a formula passed down from generation to generation. 


Some of these wineries were built in the early 12th century, and have remained in the same family for more than seven generations. We love to contribute to small-batch wineries to help them sustain their businesses. 


These growers are like family to us. 


Club Cuvée

Exclusive for Bubbly Lovers

The Club Cuvée membership provides access to some of the finest French Champagne available in the United States. When it comes to Champagne, the name “Cuvée” specifically refers to the juice of the season’s earliest, delicately pressed grapes, derived from a blend of the best quality fruit. These excellent grapes are exclusively cultivated in Champagne, France, a European grape producing region. This carefully selected combination of grapes is then aged and fermented in wine vats or barrels to produce top shelf grade Champagne. 


Our premium French Champagnes are sourced from family-owned growers that produce small batches of one-of-a-kind blends, guaranteeing that the Champagne you purchase from Club Jeroboam is of the greatest quality and satisfies real Champagne standards.


The membership includes two hand-picked bottles of French Champagne for the low price of $99 each month for both the monthly and bi-monthly subscriptions.

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