As wine lovers, we’re a discerning bunch. We won’t drink just anything; we indulge in the blends and vintages that match our own good taste. Thankfully, our impeccable taste not only helps us discover great wines, it occasionally gives us a chance to align with a great cause.

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce our partnership with ReCork.

ReCork collects and recycles all of the unused cork left over by wine enthusiasts like us, and turns it into consumer products like shoes and yoga blocks. As a fan of He Wines She Dines, you can join our efforts today and start recycling all of that leftover cork you would otherwise toss in the trash.

Once you join, we’ll send you a collection bag in the mail to fill with your leftover cork. Once we receive it, we’ll send it to ReCork for recycling and send you another collection bag, as well as a free He Wines She Dines promo item. Our partnership with ReCork is an opportunity for you to participate in a great cause and get some great HWSD items along the way! It’s our way of saying thanks for joining our eco-conscious community of wine lovers.

So go ahead, put your good taste to good use. Pop Cork, Save Cork, ReCork.