Pop to Celebrate International Champagne Day!

Pop to Celebrate International Champagne Day!

Oct 27th 2023

Champagne is a wonderful sparkling wine to enjoy year-round, but just in case you needed a proper excuse to enjoy some champagne this month, International Champagne Day is coming up on October 27th! Since 2009, thousands of wine enthusiasts around the world have celebrated International Champagne Day every year by gathering their friends and families and popping open a bottle of bubbly together. Of course, International Champagne Day only occurs once per year, so making the most of this special day is of utmost importance, whether you’re a seasoned wine enthusiast or a casual champagne sipper. Here’s how you can celebrate International Champagne Day this year!

Take Part in A Planned Champagne Day Event

Since International Champagne Day has been celebrated for years now, tons of restaurants and wine clubs around the world have created their own special events to commemorate the occasion. Private tastings, lectures from renowned champagne growers, and food pairings are just a few of the events that you can attend this year. If you’re looking to host your own champagne tasting event for your friends and family, schedule a private champagne tasting with Club Jeroboam! Our private tastings allow you and your guests to sample a fine assortment of champagnes in our Rockwall, Texas facility. With a rustic vibe and knowledgeable staff, Club Jeroboam is the perfect place to celebrate International Champagne Day this year!

Cook A Special Dinner to Pair With Your Champagne

Like most wines, champagne pairs well with several fine foods. So what better way to celebrate International Champagne Day than cooking a delicious meal to enjoy with your champagne? Although most people like to enjoy a glass of champagne after a meal, it also pairs well with several foods that benefit from the unique flavor of champagne. Some of our favorite foods to savor with champagne include roasted chicken, lobster, and oysters, but feel free to get creative! At Club Jeroboam, we offer several incredible champagnes for you to procure and enjoy, so no matter what you’re cooking, we have something for everyone.

Celebrate Champagne Day Year-Round with Club Jeroboam

While International Champagne Day is one of our favorite days to celebrate every year, we love offering our diverse collection of French grower champagnes year-round for everyone to enjoy. That’s why we created the Club Cuvée monthly subscription; it includes two bottles of French grower champagne delivered to your door every month in protective insulated packaging. Every bottle that we ship is carefully selected by our experts according to your personal preferences, so we’re confident that you and your family will enjoy our selections all year long. Join the club today to start sipping!