Thanksgiving Wine Pairings | A  Guide on the Best Sips and Gobbles

Thanksgiving Wine Pairings | A Guide on the Best Sips and Gobbles

Nov 20th 2023

Impress your in-laws with the best sips and gobbles. Follow our guide to pair your favorite Thanksgiving food with our delicious wine!

#1. CarnerosPinot Noir and Roasted Turkey

The star of the Thanksgiving table, a perfectly roasted, succulent turkey, deserves an equally distinguished match. Los Carneros Pinot Noir, with its gentle tannins, light body, and red fruit characteristics, complements the juiciness of turkey. This wine's high acidity cuts through the turkey's richness, making every bite a perfect balance of flavors.

#2. Yellow Star Chardonnay and Creamy Mashed Potatoes

For the creaminess of mashed potatoes, nothing works better than a full-bodied Yellow Star Chardonnay having buttery undertones along with oak-aged richness, some citrusy notes, and a hint of golden shimmer. When paired together, these two create a harmony of tastes and textures. The wine's apple or pear-like flavors add sweetness, highlighting the natural flavors of the potatoes. It's a pairing that transforms a humble side dish into a gourmet affair.

#3. MG Rosé Nature and Herb-Roasted Chicken

Thinking of ditching the turkey this year? Or want to add another staple to the festivities? Let Rose meet Roast. Herb-roasted chicken with the vivacity of MG Rosé Nature is truly cluck-tastic. This salmon pink color sparkling wine's brightness cuts through the richness of the chicken (and it also goes well with graved salmon), adding a delightful, zesty contrast. The pairing creates a tantalizingly memorable fusion.

#4. Guy de Chassey Champagne Extra Brut and Seafood Canapés

Guy de Chassey comes across as slightly raw but tastes pleasing and has a crispy freshness. Pairing it with seafood canapés is an excellent choice. With those notes of pink grapefruit, ginger, and red apple, this champagne goes well with smoked salmon, shrimp, oysters, scallops, and so much more. Keep both the champagne and canapés chilled, and it'll be a truly enjoyable feast.

Elevate Your Dining Experience!

As you set your table, remember wine pairings, like Thanksgiving memories, are best when shared. Whether pouring a glass of meringue-tasting pinot noir or raising a toast with a distinctive Rosé Champagne with green herb notes, let the real spirit shine through.

The main ingredient is always your joy and the stories you create during those special moments.

Happy Thanksgiving, wine lovers. Cheers to you!