A Simple Guide to Rosé Wine

A Simple Guide to Rosé Wine

Sep 30th 2020

Beautiful pink rosés have become the perfect summer-time wine that wine enthusiasts around the world are choosing. They have a surprising nuance that encompasses many traditions making them one of the fastest-growing wine categories in America. Whether you’re entertaining at a back-yard BBQ or the most elegant of wedding receptions, you will not go wrong with one of Club Jeroboam’s rosé selections. They pair exceptionally well with beef, chicken, fish, and vegetables.

Rosé Wine: Full Flavors and Aroma

Rose’s resemble the flavor profile of a light red wine but with brighter, crisper tasting notes. Most notable are the red fruits, such as strawberry, cherry and raspberry, as well as flower, citrus and melon notes. You will find that our Lucien Albrecht Brut Rose fits in this category of wine. It is both crisp and dry with a creamy texture to the palate making it a refreshing choice for any occasion.

For most Rosés, especially locally made wines, aging is not necessary as it is produced specifically for its fresh, fruity taste. All rosée wines have the best flavor when they are served chilled to 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit. Chilling for up to three hours before serving is recommended.

What Is Rosé & Where Does it Originate?

What are you really getting when you select a rosé? A type of wine made from red wine grapes, harvested early, but with reduced saigné or skin contact time, giving it its delicate light-colored pink hue. Rosé wines can be made from any red wine grape cultivated in all wine growing regions. This wine can be blended, made from a variety of different grapes or a single varietal wine, made from just one type of grape. You may have heard of “intentional rosé”. This refers to grapes grown and harvested to explicitly make rosée wine. Early harvesting preserves the grapes vibrant acidity and bright fruit flavors.

The wine region known for creating the most consistent rosés is Provence. The Provence wine region of France creates rosé wine more than any other style of wine, and they have become incredibly good at it, and so have we. Our Champs De Provence Rosé is a medium bodied wine with vibrant notes of red berries, citrus and orange blossom with hints of raspberry and a zesty mineral finish. Perfect for those occasions when you want to make a bold, refined statement.

Join Club Jeroboam For Rose Wine

You may have heard it said that rosé wines can be made by mixing white wine and red wine together. This is a common misconception that is frowned upon by true wine makers. The wines you will get from Club Jeroboam are true rosé wines that come in a variety of flavors and textures. A wine you will be proud to serve even at your most sophisticated function.
Club Jeroboam offers a varied selection of rosé wines available now through our club membership. When you join either our monthly or bi-monthly membership you can have a collection of wines available any time you find yourself entertaining friends and neighbors by the pool or planning your next professional or social event.