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Benefits of Having a Wine Subscription from Club Jeroboam

Benefits of Having a Wine Subscription from Club Jeroboam

Jul 15th 2021

All wine enthusiasts always think about better ways to purchase and enjoy wine, but one of the best ways to do so is with a wine subscription from a reliable wine club. Joining a wine club and having a subscription offers a wide range of benefits, especially when you do so at Club Jeroboam.

At Club Jeroboam we have an extensive collection of wines and champagnes and even greater benefits to those who have subscribed to the club. Our club has three subscription options and we even allow you to gift your loved ones with a wine club subscription. Let’s take a look at the benefits of having a wine club subscription.

Why You Should Have a Wine Subscription

The main benefit of having a wine club subscription is the fact that you have access to many discounts. Members of Club Jeroboam can purchase delicious wines at a cheaper price than those who haven’t subscribed to the club. Once you are a member, all bottles on Club Jeroboam are 10% off!

You can get three bottles of wine at a surprisingly low price, or two bottles of champagne from our partner growers in Champagne, France. Not only this, but all wines offered to those who subscribe to Club Jeroboam are hand-selected to match the taste of the buyer.

Another benefit of having a wine subscription is the convenience and speed that it offers. At Club Jeroboam we will ship the boxes of wine right to your door on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. This is great because you won’t have to visit the store to get a delicious bottle of wine.

When you have a wine club subscription with Club Jeroboam, you will also discover new wines from different parts of the world. Our wine club will always let you know whenever there are new wines in store, especially if they match your taste preferences. When you join the wine club, you will submit a short survey that will give us information on the kinds of wine and flavors that you enjoy drinking most.

One of the biggest benefits of joining our wine club is that you can spice things up and get a wide variety of wines, rather than getting yourself stuck in a rut.

With a wine subscription, you can also enjoy flexibility. You can choose how often you want the wine bottles to be delivered and the types of wine you want. Club Jeroboam will not tie you down with any of our plans.

Club Jeroboam Plans

There are three plans that you can choose from when you subscribe to a wine club offered by Club Jeroboam. They include the Standard Club, Club Jeroboam and Club Cuvée. If you prefer champagne over wine, you can go for the Club Cuvée plan. These three plans feature affordable prices and delicious wine bottles that have been handpicked and delivered right to your doorstep.

Apart from subscribing to any of Club Jeroboam's plans for yourself, you can also gift a wine subscription to your loved ones. You can surprise friends and family with a box of delicious wine that will arrive at their doorstep, and not just any wine, but wine that fits their taste preferences.

Find out how you can join Club Jeroboam today!