Best Food Pairings with Champagne and Sparkling Wine

Best Food Pairings with Champagne and Sparkling Wine

Sep 30th 2020

Champagne and sparkling wine are celebrated across the world for their unique flavor composition and special bubbly qualities. While it is perfectly enjoyable to pop open a bottle and enjoy a glass on its own, there are many food pairings that can help lift the flavors of your sparkling wine and champagne to create a one-of-a-kind tasting sensation. Whether you’re new to wine pairings or a wine expert who is looking to try new ideas, consider these top food pairings to brighten up your champagne and sparkling wineexperience:

Shrimp and Shellfish

Champagne and sparkling wine can elevate even the best seafood dish, as its crisp notes complement the mild, sweet flavor of shrimp and shellfish. This is a versatile pairing, as a glass of sparkling wine pairs nicely with shrimp appetizers, scrumptious shellfish pastas and sophisticated seafood main courses. Once you pair champagne and sparkling wine with your favorite shrimp recipe, you will insist on breaking out a bottle every time you eat it.

Salami and Veggies

Perfect for snacking from a charcuterie board, salami and fresh vegetables pair very well with champagne and sparkling wine. The spicy, meaty flavors of salami are brought out by the smooth qualities found in a glass of champagne. Whether you are enjoying raw vegetables from an appetizer platter or cooked vegetables as part of your entree, champagne and sparkling wine is always a pleasant accompaniment that you can count on every time.

Butter and Cream Sauces

Butter and cream sauces bring richness and indulgence to any meal, and they are known to pair well with champagne and sparkling wine. Cream sauces share the subtle buttery qualities found in most champagnes and sparkling wines, making them come together harmoniously on your palate. Try a refreshing glass of champagne with fettuccine alfredo, fish with butter sauce, or your favorite creamy chicken dish to take these flavors to the next level.

Sweet Bread with Cheese

It’s no secret bread, cheese and wine create a delicious combination. When you’re drinking champagne and sparkling wine, it is important to consider which breads and cheese pair best with these bubbly beverages. Go for a sweeter bread, like brioche or a fruity bread, and add a light spread of a creamy cheese like mascarpone or goat cheese. Combined with sparkling wine and champagne, this pairing creates a unique sense of textures, tastes and aromas.

Snacks and Desserts

Champagne and sparkling wine also pair well with many classic sweet and salty treats. Because its flavors are complementary to fruits and butter-based dishes, you will likely enjoy pairings with shortbread cookies, fruit tarts, frosted cakes and other delectable desserts. You may even be surprised at how well champagne pairs with hot, buttered popcorn or potato chips.

Final Thoughts

Food and wine are paired to bring out the best qualities in each other. Sparkling wine and champagne may be delicious and refreshing on their own, but when paired with the right foods, you may experience their taste in a whole new light. Next time you’re enjoying shrimp and shellfish, salami and vegetables, a cream sauce-based dish or a simple sweet bread with cheese, sip on a glass on champagne to ignite your senses and bring balance to your palate. Don’t forget to look at our Sparkling Wine selection and also consider signing up for our Club Cuvee Membership as well.