Egg-cellent Easter Wine and Candy Pairings

Egg-cellent Easter Wine and Candy Pairings

Mar 18th 2024

Easter is such a festive time in spring! Imagine this… you, your children or grandchildren, your significant other, candy, and a big glass of wine! Avoiding candy during this holiday is impossible, so you might as well give in and pair it with the right wine!

Why should you pair your candy with wine?

Easter is full of bright spring colors, chocolate, and family. It's the perfect time to do a fun wine-tasting with candy! Pairing your candy with the right wine is a unique way to enjoy a wine-tasting experience, so grab your favorite candy and friends or family and get to tasting!

Robust Red

Our first pairing is the Reese's Egg peanut butter cup with Companion Wines Companion Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2016. The decadent candy calls for a robust wine full of flavor. This wine has big and bold flavors of intense oak, smooth tannins, blackberry, and a hint of tobacco that pair well with the savory peanut butter and chocolate. You will want to take advantage of this pairing because it's a staple you could enjoy year-round! Reese's isn't a candy you enjoy once a year on Easter; for some, it's their favorite candy of all time, so if that sounds like you, then this pairing was made for you!

The second pairing is a Snickers bar with Baca Home Base Dry Creek Valley - Sonoma County Zinfandel 2018. This nutty chocolate candy is perfectly paired with a wine that has freshness and energy. The enticing aromas of ripe plum, brambly blackberry, toasted fennel seeds, and spices make this pairing one of unique serenity. So grab your Snickers and put their slogan to use because they're right, "You're Not You When You're Hungry."

Fruity White

The third pairing is Jelly beans with Flora Springs Soliloquy Napa Valley 2020 Blanc. This wine has unique flavors of pomelo, lime blossom, apple, hazelnut and stone fruit. The bold flavor, zesty citrus, and floral notes of the wine pairs well with the sweet assortment of flavors from the Jelly beans. The fun thing about this pairing is that Jelly beans don't have just one flavor, you get to experience multiple tastings when eating this candy.

Lovely Rosé

The fourth pairing is a chocolate bunny with Gruet Sauvage Rosé N.V.. This lovely rosé has vibrant fruity flavors of wild strawberry and a hint of cherry that mesh well with the milk chocolate. This pairing is one you won't want to skip; nothing fits better than chocolate and strawberries.

Bubbly Champagne

The fifth and final pairing is Peeps with Mathieu-Gandon Brut Nature Champagne N.V.. This Champagne has notes of cookies, wheat, and baguette with flavors of pear, orange, and almond. It pairs well with the fluffy marshmallow sweetness that Peeps provide, making a match made in heaven.