3 Wines That Will Impress Your Guests This Thanksgiving

3 Wines That Will Impress Your Guests This Thanksgiving

Nov 16th 2023

The Thanksgiving season is right around the corner, and for many, it’s the perfect time for enjoying a delicious home-cooked turkey dinner and spending time with friends and family. This upcoming season is also a delight for wine enthusiasts, as the savory flavors of traditional Thanksgiving dinners means that new varieties of wine can be enjoyed. If you’re looking to impress your guests this Thanksgiving, these 3 wine varieties should definitely be on your dinner table!

1. Cabernet Sauvignon

A true classic, cabernet sauvignon wines feature a robust red grape flavor that pairs nicely with several dishes in a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Typically, cabernet sauvignon wines feature a bold body with a strong presence of tannins, which add a delightful bitterness to the wine. This bitter flavor serves as a nice contrast to sweet Thanksgiving dishes such as apple pie and cranberry sauce. One of our favorite cabernet sauvignon wines to enjoy during the holiday season is the 2016 Companion Cabernet Sauvignon, which features a smooth bitterness and velvety texture that is easy to enjoy.

2. Chardonnay

If you’re looking for a wine with a lighter, more citrus-filled flavor to enjoy this Thanksgiving, we recommend picking up some chardonnay! One of the most popular varieties of white wine in the world, chardonnay boasts a bright flavor profile that pairs nicely with several classic Thanksgiving dishes. Some of our favorite Thanksgiving dishes to pair with chardonnay include white meat turkey, pumpkin soup, and creamed spinach. We recommend picking up a bottle of our Yellow Star Chardonnay this Thanksgiving; it features a light citrus flavor that perfectly complements the dishes mentioned previously.

3. Zinfandel

This wine variety tastes incredible when enjoyed by itself, but when paired with a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, Zinfandel wines truly bring out the best flavors in every dish. Zinfandel wines are characterized by their fruit-dominant flavor that features notes of spices like cinnamon and cloves. These spicy undertones work harmoniously with Thanksgiving dishes such as smoked turkey, pumpkin pie, and stuffing. Blended wines, such as the Companion Wines Everyday Red, feature Zinfandel grapes mixed with Lodi grapes to create an invigorating flavor profile.

Thanksgiving is often characterized by cool fall weather and a delicious dinner, but above all else, family is the most important part of this holiday season. At Club Jeroboam, we carry a delightful collection of wines that add a special touch to every occasion, including the traditional Thanksgiving dinner. We are proud to be a family-owned and operated business; browse our collection of fine wines today and make this Thanksgiving one to remember!