The History & Details of Pierson Cuvelier Champagne

May 27th 2021

One of the most popular champagnes loved by wine enthusiasts is the Pierson-Cuvelier Champagne, well-known for its fruity taste and sweet aroma.

Pierson-Cuvelier Champagne dates back to 1901 when the famous family estate owned ten hectares which spread over twelve municipalities. This champagne is exclusively classified as Premier Cru or Grand Cru. The company behind the champagne has the same name and has been producing the champagne for over a century based on a recipe passed down from generation to generation.

The finished product of this recipe is the famous, traditional champagne with finesse and aromas. The vineyards are in the middle of the Moet & Chandon and Bollinger estates and are known for having excellent land. Pierson-Cuvelier develops exceptional champagnes throughout the seasons.

How the Pierson-Cuvelier Champagne Comes to Be

The Pierson-Cuvelier Champagne is a result of one year of hard work and passion, which is why it’s one of the most exquisite wines. These wines use three years to complete their delicate maturation under the chalky cellars owned by the company.


Pierson-Cuvelier ages its champagnes and wines in vats and barrels which are temperature-controlled. The process of creating this wine joins the traditional heritage with modern and contemporary processes so that they can keep the promise of offering all wine enthusiasts g

reat champagne for any champagne club membership.

The Pierson Cuvelier House or Company is a member of the Independent Winegrowers and the Winegrower's Champagne labels. The company guarantees all wine lovers champagne that they won't forget.

It has the elegance and classic nature of Chardonnay and combines this with the fruity flavour of Pinot Noir. The production of this champagne does not affect the growing environment or soil in any way. Insecticides are not required in the vines as it has been for two decades, and no chemical compound is required to clean the tanks.

This assures all wine enthusiasts of, not only an exquisite taste and delicious feel, but also safety and cleanliness so all can enjoy their wines.

How to Drink Pierson-Cuvelier Champagne

The Pierson-Cuvelier Champagne is well-known to have fruity flavours since it has a blend of dried fruits. Its aroma is also quite fruity, so this makes it a perfect pairing with a dessert and aperitif.

This wine will be a perfect fit with dishes like pork, rich fish, shellfish and mild or soft cheese. With its refreshing taste, it has no aftertaste or hint of bitterness, so you can enjoy it with many kinds of food. The wine's soft taste does not attack the palate when you take a sip. The taste is also bold and when you open the champagne, it has a fizzy feel to it.

You can drink the Pierson-Cuvelier Champagne when it's cold or warm, depending on how you like your wine. It retains its taste regardless and goes well with many kinds of food.