The Meaning Behind Ominous

The Meaning Behind Ominous

Posted by Tim and Jen on Apr 26th 2024

We are so excited about this amazing new Cabernet, from the Alexander Valley in California, and while it was still in the barrel, we were trying to come up with a name that would live up to the complexion of this wine and that would give that emotion that we know exists within this particular Cabernet. Like many of our wines we also wanted to bring in an important element of our family and our experiences and to express that in the art of the label. As we began to explore this wine, first in the tanks, and next in the barrel, it became clear that this wine was deep and dark and exhibited a unique set of flavors that almost reminded us of some of our favorite wines from Catalunya in Spain.

Those people who know us personally, know that we have traveled to Spain just about every year recently. It's hard to believe that our first trip to Spain was 20 years ago. But in our trips to Barcelona, we began to venture out to the monastery in Montserrat, and while it's not a place that you would think of traveling to over and over again we made several trips there and began to explore the hikes and the serenity of this majestic place.

If you don't know about Montserrat, it's the home of the Black Madonna. There are lots of versions of the history of the Black Madonna but one of them alludes to the fact that some shepherds found the Black Madonna in the mountains and hills around Montserrat in about 800 to 880. The Black Madonna is a statue of the Virgin Mary holding the baby Jesus and there are lots of speculation on why their skin color appears to be dark. Some believed that it was a portrayal, others believe that it came from the dark color of the wood or from earlier coverings in the paint, but most scholars now believe that age alone has created this unique coloring. It is also believed that the Black Madonna has been responsible for many miracles, and when you get the chance to see her up close as we have, you realize what a miraculous experience it is to be in the presence of this amazing relic.

Because of our many trips here, we were inspired to create and symbolize the amazing experiences and journeys we've taken to Montserrat. When you first pour this wine, you'll notice the deep color and the smell of the dark fruits as you begin to experience the wine through smell and finally when you take that first taste you'll get the mix of dark fruits and tobaccos that make this wine special. The deep dark notes of this wine perfectly combine to create a feeling and a spirituality, Ominous. We set the first release of this wine on April 27th, 2024, the day marked to celebrate the feast of the Virgin of Monserrat, the Patron Saint of Catalonia.

You'll notice when you look at the label on Ominous that there are two rings and if you look even closer you can now begin to imagine those rings as the Halos of the Black Madonna and of the baby Jesus as he's being held. And when you strip away everything else and are left with those Halos and the black around them, it reminds us that we are never alone. We experienced Montserrat together; we experienced it with our family and more recently our children shared the experience at Montserrat. So, as we drink this wine, we hope you will use it to share experiences that bring you closer together to the people that you care about and that you will allow it to create memories for you and your friends and family like we like it has created for us. 

Remember, we are never alone.