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Food Pairings with Red Wines

Our Guide To The Best Red Wine Pairings

Ever had that perfect dish but don’t know what you should drink with it? The different flavor characteristics of red wine can make this task seem very complex and challenging. A great food and wine pairing can create that much-desired balance of flavors that will make your meal memorable! Who wouldn’t want that? We have put our experience together and created a guide to help you have the best red wine pairings at any meal.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Steak is the iconic and quintessential food pairing for a Cabernet Sauvignon. Why so? Not much pairs the high tanning (bitterness), smokiness, and fruitiness of Cabernet Sauvignon quite like the fattiness and richness of steak. The bold tastes match typical steak seasonings such as cracked black pepper and rosemary. These two make the perfect match!


Our recommended bottle is the HWSD Cabernet Sauvignon. The dark garnet color of this Cab shows its strength. The nose is black cherry and smoky with hints of pepper. The taste is of black currant, pepper, mild tobacco and pecan chocolate.

Pinot Noir

Known as one of the most versatile red wines, Pinot Noir pairs excellently with lean proteins. The light-bodied, soft tannin, and fruity wine matches most chicken, pork, and salmon dishes. Pinot Noir even pairs well with the earthy and rustic side dishes that usually come along.


Our recommended bottle is the 2014 Pinot Noir. This bottle is aged in medium oak barrels and retains a powerful oaky aroma. The wine is aged to a smooth, soft tannin, and possesses a remarkably balanced structure. The first sip evinces a strong fruit forward rush of blackberry.


This Spanish wine pairs well with many classic braises and stews that are rich and hearty. The full-bodied, soft, and low acidic blend adds complexity to many dense and fatty meat-based stews!


Our recommendation is the HWSD Grenache. This wine is ruby colored with a shimmering clarity. It emits a nose black cherry, plum, and young red fruits. The initial taste has an essence of exotic cinnamon, and is quickly taken over by the medium oak and light tannin that give way to the fruit forward nature of this delicate wine.