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The History & Details of Champagne Sacret

The History & Details of Champagne Sacret

Aug 7th 2021

One of the major favorites among Champagne lovers is that from the legendary Sacret family, which has been producing quality wines since 1920. This family has been producing wines for over a century, and their quality has not waned since then.

Champagne enthusiasts will definitely be familiar with what the products from the Sacret family has to offer. In this guide, we will cover the history and background, as well as the taste, flavor and what it can be paired with.

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History of Champagne Sacret

The beginning of the Sacret family started in 1920 when Raymond Sacret, now well-known as the founder, began his own market by producing his own Champagne. He used vines he grew himself, which later became Champagne Sacret.

The adventure paused a bit when his granddaughter, Josette, ran the house. But it continued with James, Josette’s son, when he took over the house. Four generations passed and the Champagne Sacret family remained. They continued to create high-quality champagne at their house located in Champagne, France.

In 2014, the family took the next step with Domaine Champagne Sacret, which was a 19 th century building turned guesthouse after four years of renovations, now being visited by tourists from everywhere else in the world.

This was after James Sacret took over the management of the family-owned company in 2009. He left the parent company which is in Romery and moved to AY. He was interested in showing others from around the world how Sacret was created with passion, and the art of Champagne, which is why he renovated the building to what it is today.

Champagne Sacret Boutique

There’s a wide range of quality, delicious and sparkling Champagne that you will find in the Sacret family boutique. They all offer a diverse range of tastes, flavors and can be drunk in different ways.

The most popular is the Champagne Sacret Brut or Brut Rosé, which ages for years in the cellar to produce a fruity palate, and can be drunk any time in the day. The Cuveé Brut blends Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay to produce a brilliant taste that settles on your tongue.

As for the Brut Rosé, you can expect the same blend, but with aromas and tastes of red fruits which refine the light fruity desserts with sugar.

Champagne Sacret also has more goodness in its boutique, including Sacret Blanc de Blancs. This Champagne will stun your tongue with pure Chardonnay grapes and a light feeling. It is also concentrated and expressive.

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Enjoy the rich history of Sacret and unique blends of Champagne, all contained in bottles of Champagne Sacret.