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The Different Types of Wine Glasses

How Wine Glasses Affect the Taste of Wine

How Can the Shape of a Wine Glass Affect Taste?

Depending if you are a red or white wine lover, the wine glass you are drinking out of can affect the way your favorite wine tastes. When a person takes a sip of wine, the center of the glass is tilted towards your nose. The shape of the wine glass can intensify the aromatic flavors and characteristics of the wine. These aromatic flavors are strongly correlated to the ratio of the widest portion of the bowl (diameter of the glass) to the diameter of the glass opening. (


What is the Shape of a Red Wine Glass?

Red wine glasses have longer stems and bowls and wider openings to promote oxidation. The long stems allow wine drinkers to swirl the red wine in the glass, releasing even more aroma. The wider openings of red wine glasses deliver a smoother taste to the red wine.

  • Bordeaux Glass: is designed for full-bodied, rich and complex red wines. The glass is taller, allowing for the wine to hit the back of your mouth when sipping. In addition, the broad bowl allows for the ethanol in the wine to evaporate and breathe, resulting in a smoother taste.
    • Shape: Tall Glass, Broad Bowl, Large Opening, Long Stem
    • Wines: Companion Cabernet, HWSD Cabernet Sauvignon, Everyday Syrah, Concrete Cabernet Sauvignon, Emmolo Merlot (750 ml),
  • Burgundy Glass: is designed for full-bodied but lighter red wines. The shorter and very large bowl is perfect for delicate aromas and flavors. This combination allows the crisper wines and delicate flavors to hit the tip of the tongue when sipping.
    • Shape: Short stem, Large Bowl, Large Opening
    • Wines: 2014 Pinot Noir, Chalone, Pinot Noir, Belle Glos Pinot Noir
  • “Standard” Red Glass: is designed for medium-bodied red wines with spicy notes or high alcohol content. The smaller shape compared to the other glasses allow for spicy flavors to be enhanced because the smaller opening allows for the flavors to progressively hit one’s tongue.
    • Shape: Smaller Bow, Smaller Opening (compared to other red wine glasses)
    • Wines: HWSD Grenache, Nieto Senetiner Malbec


What is the Shape of a White Wine Glass?

Typically, white wine glasses have slightly smaller bowls and openings with shorter stems compared to red wine glasses. In addition, the bowls are U- shaped. This smaller glass allows for less oxidation and increases the aromas hitting the nose when sipping. This combination is perfect for crisp white wines.

  • Chardonnay Glass: is designed for full-bodied white wines.  The wide and shallow bowl allows for the complex aromas to open up through oxidation.
    • Shape: Wide Rim, Shallow Bowl
    • Wines: Everyday Chardonnay, La Pietra, Cabreo Chardonnay, Halter Ranch Grenache Blanc
  • Sauvignon Blanc Glass: is designed for light-bodied and crisp white wines with fruity notes. The tall and petite bowls allow for the fruity aromas to stay at the top of the glass. This shape is also better than the Chardonnay glass for maintaining the wine’s temperature.
    • Shape: Petite Bowl, Smaller Rim (compared to the chardonnay Glass)
    • Wines: Michele Chiarlo Le Marne Gavi, Four Graces Pinot Gris, Croix Saint-Marin White


What is the Shape for Sparkling Wines?

Generally, sparkling wine glasses are tall and narrow bowled with the Coupe glass as an exception. The tall and slim glasses are designed for bubbles to rise.

  • Coupe Glass: is designed for fruity wines where the bubbles do not affect the flavor. The wider rim allows for the bubbles to disappear quickly.
    • Shape: Wide Rim with Short Bowl
    • Wines: Meant for a Nostalgic, Romantic Look
  • Tulip Glass: is designed to release the bubbles and allow for a little bit of oxidation. The slightly wider bowl lets the wine breathe and releases more aromatics. This combination makes the glass perfect for mature bubbly wines.
    • Shape: Narrow Bottom with Wider Bowl
    • Wines: Pierson-Cuvelier Prestige, Mathieu-Gosztyla Brut Rosé de Sainee
  • Flute Glass: is the best-designed glass for bubbles, however, it does not allow the wine to breathe as much due to the narrow shape of the rim. This glass is best paired with young, bubbly or dry wines.
    • Shape: Slim, Narrow Shape / Rim
    • Wines: Medici Ermete I Quercioli Secco, Champagne Sacret, Pierson-Cuvelier Rosé Magnum,