Wine Tasting Tips & Tricks

Wine Tasting Tips & Tricks

Sep 2nd 2021

When most people hear wine tasting, they think the process only involves sitting around and drinking delicious wine, but there are many other intricate aspects that you have to look at. If you’re new to wine tasting and want to  join clubs like Club Jeroboam to improve your skills, we have compiled some tips for tasting wine right here.

When tasting wine, there are four essential steps that you have to follow to say that you have completed the process and thoroughly enjoyed all that the wine has to offer.

The Look

The first thing to look at is the appearance of your wine. When you’re in this step, you look out for the wine’s opacity, color, and viscosity. If you’re already familiar with wine, these steps would only take a few seconds until you have fully figured out the look. If you’re not, you can simply check the  information about the wine on the bottle and ensure that it meets the features of that type of wine.

The Smell

The next step on how to taste wine is to smell it. When you smell the wine, there are different factors that you need to look out for. Think of the fruits that you can smell as you drink the wine, and then you can sniff out other spices. When smelling wine, you can start with the primary aromas, which are the aromas derived from grapes. Then, the secondary aromas can be cheese rind, stale beer, nuts and more. After this, you have the tertiary aromas, which are caused by aging the wine.

The Taste

This is probably the part of our wine tasting tricks that you are looking forward to, but it feels even better when you have completed the first two. You can use the tongue to taste whether the wine is sour, salty, sweet and bitter. You can also check the texture of the wine, depending on how much alcohol the wine has. The taste of wine also looks at the aftertaste that you have on your tongue after swallowing the wine.

Your Opinion

After juggling the three factors above, an essential tip for tasting wins is to organize your thoughts. Think about how balanced the wine is, if it was unique, and any critical factors that would make you remember the wine. This would determine if it’s the right wine for you or not.

Other Important Wine Tasting Tricks

Apart from the vital process, you can use many other wine tasting tips to enhance your experience.

●Manage the smell rightly. It’s hard to get past the strong smell of wine, but it would affect the taste of the aroma that remains in your nose too long. You can use your forearm to neutralize the scent.

●Swirl the wine, as this increases the number of aroma compounds.

●Take notes as you taste wine because this would help you with future wine tasting meetings.

●Compare different wines and don’t just stick to one. Tasting these wines would help you figure out which is best for you and generally which is better.

You can sharpen your wine tasting tricks by  joining Club Jeroboam for a delicious experience.