​Give a Unique Gift This Holiday Season

Dec 7th 2020

champagne bottle for holidayshe reason why many holiday gifts are left unused or returned is that they tend to be too specific. We all want to show that we put genuine effort into finding the perfect representation of the bond we have with family and friends and we want the gift to be practical and of course enjoyable.

Consider Wine as a Gift from

Wouldn't life be much easier if you had a universal formula for holiday gifting? You might spend hours searching the corners of every existing shop in town and you still can’t find what you’re looking for. If you relate to this consider giving wine as a gift this 2020 holiday season!

There are few things that can check all the boxes, but wine for sure does. Wine is more than the experience of drinking it and discovering the nuances of the subtle flavors, it’s about sharing them with others. It's a gift full of personality and symbolism.

How to Pick the Perfect Bottle of Wine

One of the main advantages of giving wine as a gift is the wide variety of choices. It easily covers all preferences and budget ranges. However, finding the best option is not always an easy task. The most important element to consider is to what extent the recipients are wine enthusiasts? What would they normally drink? Take that as a reference and go one step beyond - after all, the holidays are times of generosity. If unsure, go with the option that would pair better in a broader range of settings. So, for example, if you're leaning towards sweet aromas, you might consider a merlot over a cabernet sauvignon.

Another essential aspect is the size of the bottle

Magnum bottles (1.5 L) are the best for family gatherings, which in many cases is the predominant scenario during the holiday season. If you're planning to send wine as a gift to a specific friend or family member instead, you'll want to stick to a standard bottle (750 mL).

Last but not least, sparkling wines and champagnes shouldn’t be overlooked

Whether champagne, cava, or prosecco, there is certainly something festive and elegant about them. Regardless of your understanding of wines, you can enjoy a toast in the company of your loved ones.

Make the Presentation Count

When you are giving wine as a gift, you want to keep the bottle as the centerpiece of the gift. If you don’t have the time or budget to go with a large gift basket and an elaborate display, keep it simple. Consider adding a simple ribbon around the bottleneck, or easily place them in a wine tote. Finally, additional wine-related gifts such as bottle holders or openers are ideal complements if you’re looking to keep a memory of the occasion after the wine is gone.